"Altogether every day, partnership in every way"



At St. Clare’s it is our fervent hope that parents will enter into a partnership with the school to provide for its pupils a happy, safe and secure educational environment instilling into the children a pride in their school and locality. Your child will cope best when he/she knows that we are all working together, presenting the same standards and expectations for his/her education and future. We are always pleased to welcome parents and to encourage your involvement in the school.

I hope that this website will help to inform you about St Clare’s School, and I look forward to developing a partnership with you and ask you to support our school aims and policies for the education of your child.

In partnership with Glasgow City Council, we aim to

  1. Create a learning environment in which our children feel happy, secure and eager to learn. Through our inclusive Catholic ethos, we will ensure the formation of children who always give their best for God, for themselves, for their families and for other people

  2. Raise the attainment of all children across the curriculum, setting challenging but acheivable targets for each child within a school ethos of excellence

  3. Work Flexibly and creatively to ensure access to the curiculum for all children.

  4. Develop each child’s spiritual, moral, physical and emotional maturity in partnership with parents.

All staff, ancillary and teaching, are fully committed to their pastoral role in ensuring that every child feels happy, valued and successful within the school. We at St Clare’s endeavour to develop in our children not only a love of their faith and of learning, but also a desire to reach beyond the confines of the school, to take their place in the community and in the world at large.

I know we can count on your support

Eileen Duffy

Head Teacher

ICT help at home

The children have been learning to improve their typing skills.


To do this they have used http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/featured-games/typing-challenge.html

Try it at home!

New Computer Club

There are 7 members of this year’s Computer Club. They are Charlie, David, Aaron, Alexander, Peter, Monica and Destiny.

We are looking forward to learning about our School Website.There have been some technical glitches during our first meeting but they should be fixed by next time.

August 2014

St. Clare’s Primary School Newsletter August 2014     

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to welcome you all back after the summer break and hope that everyone enjoyed the fantastic weather we were fortunate to have had in July.  

A special welcome to all our new Primary 1 pupils who have joined us this August.  It is a pleasure to see all pupils looking smartly dressed in their uniforms. Thank you for your continued support with this. Can I please take this opportunity to ask you to ensure your child’s name is on every aspect of their uniform?

Mrs Allan and Miss Wildman have left us to take up positions in other schools.  We wish them well.  

Welcome to our new teaching staff Miss Lennon, Miss Pope, Mrs Walker.  

I look forward to us working together to enhance our children’s learning experiences in the coming year.

Primary 1

I am pleased to say that Primary 1 children from both classes are settling in well and will start school Full time from Monday 1st September.

Evening Times photographer will be in St Clare’s Primary on Thursday 4th September to take P1’s photograph’s at 2.30pm.

School Lunches and Breakfast club.

As from the start of this new term, the cost of a school lunch will be £1.50.

The sQuid programme for paying lunches online will be starting shortly.

You will receive a letter and information on how to create an online account from the school office within the next week or two.

Breakfast club will continue to cost £1.00 and is open from 8.00am to 8.30am. Children will not be allowed access after this time.

Those entitled to free meals for their children must apply to the authority using the form online from the Glasgow City Council website or you may obtain a copy from

the school office.   The school cannot provide free meals until confirmation has been received from Glasgow City Council that the pupil has entitlement.

Annual Data Checks

These have now been issued to all pupils. Thank you to those who have already returned the forms. Please complete the forms including the annual trip consent and photograph form.  It is important that these forms are returned even If there are no changes for contact purposes and in the event of an emergency.

Flu immunisation

This year, the NHS will vaccinate every school pupil against influenza. St. Clare’s Primary will be visited on Friday 7th November and further details will follow shortly.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

Thank you to all those who donated their vouchers to the school.

We have purchased new P.E equipment for the school.

Reading Book Amnesty

Raising attainment in reading is a priority for all at St Clare’s this school year.  We are missing many reading books and very keen to get them all back.  If you or your child find a school reading book at home please, please, PLEASE bring it into school as soon as possible.  From now until the end of September staff will be giving 15 leaves for each reading book returned to St. Clare’s.  They can be handed over in class, at the school office or to any member of staff and we will be delighted to receive them.

Attendance and late coming

To promote good attendance, please ensure your child arrives on time for class and notify any absence to the school.  If your child is sick or has a dentist or hospital appointment, please let the school know by sending in the appointment card.  This will ensure that your child is not marked absent.

Parent Council and the Parent Forum

St Clare’s Primary has a Parent Council. This is a group of parents selected by the Parent Forum to represent all the parents who have a child at the school.

Every parent who has a child at St Clare’s is automatically a member of The Parent Forum. The Parent Forum can express their views through the Parent Council. The type of matters the Parent Council can get involved in are; Supporting the work of the school, gathering and representing parents’ views to the Head Teacher, promoting contact between the school, parents, pupils and the community, fundraising and also involvement in the appointment of senior school staff. Being a member is a fantastic opportunity for parents to have a voice within the school and help to support the school’s improvement agenda.

Health and Safety and Security

So that our children are kept safe at all times may I respectfully request that you note the following:

  • Do not park/drop off inside the car park except in designated bays
  • Please do not smoke or take dogs or other pets inside the school grounds
  • Leave your child to stand in their class line alone.  You may wait just outside the ‘Umbrella’ area until the bell rings if you wish
  • Not to allow your child to come to school on PE days wearing earrings or  without plimsolls.

I appreciate your cooperation in this.


In order to instil greater responsibility the children, I have asked the teachers, the Pupil Support Assistants and the Janitor not to pick up children’s clothes/bags which they leave lying in the playground, gym hall or dining hall.  They all need to recognise that they are responsible for their own belongings.  Please stress the need for this with your children.

I appreciate your support in this matter.

Holiday Dates 2014.15 session

Thursday 18th September         In-Service Day 3 – Independence  Election

Friday      19th September        In-Service Day 4

Friday  26th September                  Holiday

Monday 29th September                  Holiday

October Week            School closes Friday 10th October

Re-opens Monday 20th October

Christmas    School closes Friday 19th December at 2.30

Re-opens Monday 5th January 2015 at 9am

Monday 09th February                  Holiday

Tuesday 10th February         Holiday

Wednesday 11th February        In-Service Day 5

Spring Break            School closes Thursday 02nd April at 2.30pm

Good Friday is 03rd April and Easter Monday is 06th April

Re-opens Monday 20th April at 9.00am

Monday 04th May                              May Day

Thursday 07th May           In-Service Day 6 – General Election

Friday 22nd May               Holiday

Monday  25th May                      Holiday

Wednesday 24th June         Schools close (summer break at 1pm)

Yours sincerely

Eileen Duffy

Head Teacher

Commonwealth Classroom

Primary 7 have been given an opportunity to take part in a Commonwealth Classroom Project and we can’t wait!
We have made a video clip with lots of mini clips in it about school. We have put a clip about school uniforms, clubs and homework, travelling to school, lunch, subjects, structure of the school day and assemblies!
There are many teams and our class is in team 15. In the school hall we have put pins in where the Queen’s Baton has been in the Commonwealth countries.
We have a competition to draw and colour a sport in the commonwealth games and the winner will get a prize so good luck to all!

Money Week

This week, St Clare’s have been learning about money since it’s Money Week. On our first assembly about Money Week, Mr Young directed a small sketch about money. Sarah Jane Mcmillan, Monica Gulmayo, Mark Dooley and Aaron Richardson (From P7/6) were playing parts in it. Monica played Sue, (the money spender), Sarah played Helen (the money saver), Aaron played the narrator and Mark played a bank manager. It taught us a very valuable lesson about saving money. After that, we sang Jessie J’s Price Tag altogether. Twice! Great singing voices St Clare’s! On the next assembly, a man called Russel Dagliesh visited our school to teach us the importance of money. He showed us a short animation made by a woman in the Philippines. Our next assemblies will still be on the topic of money so we will be looking forward to that.

£1 Business Challenge

P7/6 have split up into three mini-companies, each with a start-up loan of £1, trying to make as much profit as they can.

The companies are named: Bazinga, Kaboom! and Target Zone.

The ideas they have had so far include: A Scavenger Hunt, selling lolly stick bookmarks and running a Guess Teddy’s Birthday Competition.

We are all excited to see who will win this Challenge!

Playground Toys

St Clare’s have saved lots of money to get lots of new playground toys.
For the primary 1s and 2s we bought prams and accessories (babies and other things).
For the upper school we got skateboards (with accessories), scooters with helmets and two basketball hoops nailed to the wall!
Everyone loves to play with all the new toys and are extremely happy and want the school to keep saving up money and this might encourage the children to start saving up too!

Financial Education Week 3rd – 7th February 2014


Dear Parents & Carers,

As part of our commitment to our children developing skills for life St. Clare’s will be celebrating Financial Education week from Monday 3rd February – Friday 7th February.  During this week each class will be participating in different activities and competitions each day to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of money and how it is used.

During the week we will have input from various professionals regarding their jobs and money management. Michael Young form MBN Recruitment, Russell Dagliesh an Investor and Advisor, Management from Bearsden Bank of Scotland and representatives from Glasgow’s new scheme ‘Starter for t£n’ will deliver relevant money issues to all children within the school.

P3 New Topic

Primary 3 are starting a new topic about dinosaurs. They are going to have so much fun learning about great history and how, why where and when they lived.I think they will have to show us their dinosaur work and tell us some fun facts. They have made fossilised skeletons and will be excavating them. I hope they have a great topic.