"Altogether every day, partnership in every way"



At St. Clare’s it is our fervent hope that parents will enter into a partnership with the school to provide for its pupils a happy, safe and secure educational environment instilling into the children a pride in their school and locality. Your child will cope best when he/she knows that we are all working together, presenting the same standards and expectations for his/her education and future. We are always pleased to welcome parents and to encourage your involvement in the school.

I hope that this website will help to inform you about St Clare’s School, and I look forward to developing a partnership with you and ask you to support our school aims and policies for the education of your child.

In partnership with Glasgow City Council, we aim to

  1. Create a learning environment in which our children feel happy, secure and eager to learn. Through our inclusive Catholic ethos, we will ensure the formation of children who always give their best for God, for themselves, for their families and for other people

  2. Raise the attainment of all children across the curriculum, setting challenging but acheivable targets for each child within a school ethos of excellence

  3. Work Flexibly and creatively to ensure access to the curiculum for all children.

  4. Develop each child’s spiritual, moral, physical and emotional maturity in partnership with parents.

All staff, ancillary and teaching, are fully committed to their pastoral role in ensuring that every child feels happy, valued and successful within the school. We at St Clare’s endeavour to develop in our children not only a love of their faith and of learning, but also a desire to reach beyond the confines of the school, to take their place in the community and in the world at large.

I know we can count on your support

Eileen Duffy

Head Teacher

New Primary 1s

At the start of August there was a large number of new children to the school.Most p7s got a buddy but some had to share one child. They had to take the children out to play at break time and they would stay till the older children go for lunch and the P1s would go home for lunch at 12:00pm.Now the P1s have made a big improvement and they are now going for lunch and  they’re going out for break themselves. Well done to all of the P1s!

House Leaves Total

Hi. Today I’m going to tell you what the scores for the House Leaves. One things first. House Leaves are a points systeym except it’s for the whole school. Now time for the Points



Scots Pine:217










New Nurture Base

Mr Gibson no longer is the teacher for the Nurture Base, it is Mrs McCloskey she has an amazing assistant Miss McFarlane.The kids that are in the nurture base are Alexander,Morgan,Michella,Destiny,Marrik,Danielle,Lewis and Tylor.The nuture base is no longer called Sunshine Room it is now called the Rainbow Room.In the nurture base we have been doing colouring in,making mini me’s. We have chocolate biscuits and on a Wednesday we have a mini little party where we have chocolate biscuts, orange juice and some get milk. If its your birthday then you’ll get a big surprise with a mini birthday party.


Worm show

A few weeks ago two people from the Eco Drama came in because we got a wormery. They taught us what to put in the bin and what to put in the wormery. They had different food but they were not real food, they were orange peel, pizza, cake, banana skin, fish bones and beans. We learned what is good for worms to make good compost.


P7 Mini-Commonwealth Games

On Thursday 25th September Mrs. Morrison’s P7 class and just the P7s in Mr. Gibson’s P7/6 class are going to Scoutston Sports Campus to do the Mini-Commonwealth Games. This is a great opportunity for the P7s as they will get to do some of the sports the athletes did. The children picked the sport they played and their choices were Badminton, Table Tennis, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Rowing, Fitness/Dance, Tennis, Hockey, Judo, Squash and Rugby. In the afternoon most children will go to Athletics. The events at that will be 60m, 200m, 600m, 60m Hurdles, Long Jump, Shot Putt, Javelin and 4x100m.

good luck to all involved :-)

P7s World War II Topic

Both Mrs. Morrison’s P7s and Mr. Gibson’s P7/6s are doing a new topic all about The World at War. We are going to be learning about the wars but mainly World War II. The P7 class do this subject through Drama. We have and will be learning on the subjects Declaration, Evacuation, Clydebank Blitz and European leaders. We will hopefully be going on trips to see things and then just at the start of November in time for Remembrance Day, we will probably do a show.

Computer Club Fun

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about the fun in Computer Club. The first thing I would say is that my name is Monica Jane Gulamyo.Basically you update the school’s website every month. It doesn’t seem that fun you say? Wrong! It’s actually quite fun this is only  my second week but it’s really AWESOME. It had technical difficulties at the start but it’s going smoothly now. Well all I can say now is that Computer Club is fun :)

Computer Club

Hi my name is Alexander Wards. I am a part of the Saint Clare’s Computer Club.

Computer Club

Hi my name is Peter Ferguson.I am in primary 7 and I am one of the new members of St Clare’s Computer club.The teacher of the computer club is Mrs Morrison.   :)

Computer Club David

My name is David Lloyd, I am 10 years old and I am in primary 7/6. My teacher is Mr Gibson and my computer club teacher is Mrs Morrison.